Fructose Malabsorbors, please feel free to join this wiki if you wish to add or edit.

Rules to adding a new page:

  • Tag your page to a relevant category. If it is a snack, tag it as a snack, if it's a desert, tag it as such. If you do not tag it, it will not be easily accessed. If it is something that you must physically cook put the word "recipe" after the name of your food. For example, if it is a desert cake you cook, type "desert recipe" in the tag box
  • If your item is also vegan, vegetarian, or dairy-free also add this in the tag box as to make things
  • If you suggest a food item that is not basic (ie oatmeal, potatoes) then please Google the nutrition and ingredient information and post it as an image on your page next to your text. This includes all things that are not made from the food itself. Oils, mayo.. etc are better off with nutrition information. :)
  • After pressing edit, the box that says "Normal" with a down arrow at the top of the screen-- Press that down arrow. This is how you make text look bigger.
  • Use existing pages as an example on how to outline your own page.
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